Target your Audience with Rated Content.

Focusing on the quality of content, it’s not just about the number of impressions you get, but more so about reaching the right people.


High Quality Content

Your advertisements are paired with the best content, transforming it into a memorable experience and connecting your brand with the right consumers. High Quality content drives more engagement from a refined audience!


Know your Competitive Stats

Our dashboard provides you with campaign metrics to measure the effectiveness of being aligned with quality content, as well as being benchmarked against the aggregated view of other advertising campaigns in the same content vertical.


Make More Money

Unlike a traditional traffic driven approach, advertisers will have the option to select relevant articles to reach a more engaged user and increase conversion.


Connecting advertisers with high quality content publishers

  • Our sophisticated rating system verifies content quality for select publishers in each industry vertical.
  • Partner your advert with quality content to ensure your brand is well represented to a refined target audience.
  • Refined audiences sourcing high quality content spend more time on each page, giving your brand more screen time than traditional digital ad placements.
  • Target specific content that compliments your brand initiative.
  • Access premium ad inventory
  • Join our ad server portal to see all high quality content on our network. Advance search to find highly targeted content that matches your brand initiatives.
  • Receive notifications when new content is added to our network so you don’t miss out on any opportunities.
  • Set your ad budget Buy space and place our ads as you see fit.
  • Have access to in-depth page analytics (page visits, click-through, time on page, etc.)
  • Get in front of your best customers by securing the highest quality ad inventory in every channel.

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