Content Publishers

can now return to their beloved craft.

You no longer have to worry about the number of keywords that will be recognized by search engines and you can re-focus on writing for humans again.

Procuring high quality content is your expertise, but are you maximizing your revenue potential?

Place a premium on your high quality content by having it rated by industry professionals. Provide more detailed analytics on user engagement to help qualified advertisers make informed decisions with their ad placements

Our sophisticated rating system assures advertisers that your content is high quality, and your audiences are more engaged.

Sign up for free! Have our ad server installed on your site. It will not affect your current advertisers as their ads will be included in the rotation. Select 3 articles you want to have rated; we recommend recent or yet to be released evergreen content. Then before you publish, make sure your advertisers are aware of the amazing opportunity they have to associate their brand with your “rated” high quality content. Finally, provide your advertisers, and future prospects, with in-depth analytics.

Here’s how it works.


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